Friday, March 23, 2012

The Bunny Bowling Pin

I made a new creation that I wanted to share with you.  So I've had these bowling pins sitting in my shop forever.  I keep trying to make things out of them but they just weren't quite right.  Didn't give me that happy feeling I was looking for.  But last week, for some reason, this bunny came together!  Whoo Hooo!!!!  I gave it to my daughter and she loves it.  Now I have to mention, this bunny isn't as toddler friendly as the bowling balls.  It has a pearl necklace and wire whiskers so it's more of a "look cute thing"  than a "play thing".  I am currently making them in an assortment of colors and I just love going into my shop right now.  Makes me smile every time!  I will have them available on my website and have them at shows this season for those of you who would like one!  I will also post more pictures of them so you can get a look at them better and the assortment of colors they will be available in.  Take care and hope you get time to enjoy this sunny Friday!  -Claire

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